A quick figure study

The End of a Chapter

Last night was the opening of the end year exhibition…

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The Start of The End by Johan Derycke - Oil on Panel - 30cm x 40cm

Assembled – Dismantled part 2

Argh! Yes, our good friend the camera does not have…

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Forgotten compagnion - Oil on Panel - 60cm x 40cm

Assembled – Dismantled part 1

Technoligical objects, like mobile phones, tablets, camera’s and so on,…

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Paint test, part 2

Oil Paint test: Is the additional cost of high quality oil paints justified? – Part 2

By popular demand, an answer to the following question: Are…

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The Art Lover - Oil on Panel - 20cm x 20cm

The Art Lover

I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since my last…

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Tension by Johan Derycke - Oil on Panel - 40cm x 20cm


Buy with PayPal Today, a year ago, the Bataclan in…

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Bosveld by Johan Derycke


Woops… already Halloween, eh? Fortunately, my lack of posting does…

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Brick Road by Johan Derycke - Oil on Hardboard - 24cm 30cm

La Douce France

Last week, I spent a few lovely days in Omerville,…

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Making friends with nature

I’ve started a new personal journey with my recent pleinair…

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Up the Hill - 30cm x 40cm - Oil on Panel by Johan Derycke

Up the Hill – A reworked pleinair painting

I’ve decided to rework some of the pleinair studies I…

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Facing my fears - Oil on linen - 24cm x 30cm

Facing my Fears

This is somewhat of a confession. I’ve got quite sensitive…

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All lined up by Johan Derycke

All Lined Up

You didn’t think I already failed on day 2 of…

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