Johan Derycke was taught drawing and painting at the Stedelijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst in Leuven, Belgium. He continues to search for better ways to express beauty in a visual way that is convincing, believable and allows the viewer to relate to the subject.
30_in_30_day01 by Johan Derycke

30 paintings in 30 days – day 1

Today’s to do list was quite long with the first school day for the kids and all, so here’s a quick study of a chromed can. I set myself the following limitations: 1hr max, limited brushstrokes, limited palette (viridian, alizarin, yellow ochre and titanium white).   Edit: Looking at this one a while later, I…

Oil Paint Test

Oil Paint test: Is the additional cost of high quality oil paints justified? – Part 1

Warning: This is an elaborate post.  The content of this post may be less interesting to you if you are not a painter. Painters, however, may find this very interesting. I’ve been using Winsor & Newton Winton oil paints for many years now. They are available in 200ml tubes and as it always goes, bigger…