Knife Painting

Another rainy day

[mantra-multi][mantra-column width=”1/2″] ENG – I wanted to try depicting yesterday’s scene again, but this time with the palette knife. Been looking for that particular atmosphere one can feel when it’s been raining really hard and it’s just starting to rain with drops instead of buckets. I think the palette knife brought it closer to that…

Initialisation of the Pancake Plan

  [mantra-multi][mantra-column width=”1/2″]ENG – Further investigation on the possibilities with the palette knife are due. Here’s an attempt in combining brushwork with accents added with the knife. What do you think, does it work? EDIT I couldn’t leave it like this, particularly the background where it meets the right side of the flower bag was…

Tangled Up

[mantra-multi][mantra-column width=”1/2″]ENG – Apart from an ultramarine imprimatura and a quick line sketch to establish the composition, this piece has been painted with palette knife completely. This is an extremely fun way to paint and the result looks very contemporary imho. I’m really REALLY fond of this effect. [/mantra-column] [mantra-column width=”1/2″]NL – Dit werk werd…

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