A quick figure study

The End of a Chapter

Last night was the opening of the end year exhibition at the academy in Leuven, which lasts the whole weekend. I have 8 paintings at display as I am finishing this final year as a student. It’s been a wonderful chapter, that lasted almost 12 years, with many highlights. It feels weird saying goodbye to…

Forgotten compagnion - Oil on Panel - 60cm x 40cm

Assembled – Dismantled part 1

Technoligical objects, like mobile phones, tablets, camera’s and so on, can be a perfect metaphor for our society. They represent a certain tendency towards evolution, but are by that fact predetermined to become outdated at a certain moment in time. At their peak, they are examples of what human beings are capable of, using the…

Paint test, part 2

Oil Paint test: Is the additional cost of high quality oil paints justified? – Part 2

By popular demand, an answer to the following question: Are W&N Winton paints a waste of your money? It’s now 2 years ago since I started to test the colour lightfastness of a few brands of paints to see the effect of being exposed to direct sunlight on the paint. Subject to this test are…

30_in_30_day01 by Johan Derycke

30 paintings in 30 days – day 1

Today’s to do list was quite long with the first school day for the kids and all, so here’s a quick study of a chromed can. I set myself the following limitations: 1hr max, limited brushstrokes, limited palette (viridian, alizarin, yellow ochre and titanium white).   Edit: Looking at this one a while later, I…

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