Facing my fears - Oil on linen - 24cm x 30cm

Facing my Fears

This is somewhat of a confession. I’ve got quite sensitive hearing and painting outside for me is really difficult. There are not only the 20 million visual triggers that distract me, but also loads of sounds. One of the sounds that has a negative impact on me is the buzzing of insects. I’m one of those types of people that is very attractive to insects. For reasons that are unclear to me, I’m the one that gets the most musquito bites while the people around me don’t seem to be bothered at all. There have been multiple occasions where insects flew in one of my ears. The most probable cause of my fear for the buzzing of insects is most likely my memory of being stung by a wasp at an early age. Some pleinair painter, eh.

You’re probably giggling on your chair right now, and you have every right to do so. However, you must admit that I am facing my fears when I’m going into the woods to paint near a lake, in summertime. It forces me to ignore the buzzing as much as possible, or should I say to accept that there are insects all around me and I just have to focus on painting.

Today, I had about 90 minutes including finding a spot to paint, setting up, painting and packing up. I guess I did allright, but I feel I will need a lot more buzzing around me to be to produce really great pleinair paintings. In any way, my perseptions are different than yours, so I hope you like the painting.

Facing my fears - Oil on linen - 24cm x 30cm

Brook – Oil on linen – 24cm x 30cm

By the way, the painting I created last thursday of that chromed can is destroyed. It got dirt all over it somehow. I’m really glad it did because while this painting may have had some interesting brush strokes, it was a really bad painting overal. I’m a little disappointed in you, the world’s population, that none of you have pointed that out to me. :p