Making friends with nature

I’ve started a new personal journey with my recent pleinair frenzy. I’m now trying to become friends with nature. Not that I fully ignored nature before this year, but I just wasn’t that aware about the beauty that is around me everywhere. At least, that’s how it feels. Being in nature and studying it has this utterly overwhelming effect on me. How can you not care for nature? As a consequence, I’ve become a member of Natuurpunt, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of nature in Flanders. There is so much to learn, and I think supporting such wonderful organizations is a step forward in becoming more aware about the do’s and don’ts regarding nature.


Slangenpoelweg – 30cm x 40cm – Oil on Panel

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When it comes to painting alla prima en plein air, there are also a lot of challenges to overcome. The hard part, and as Richard Schmid rightfully says in his book Alla Prima, Everything I know about painting (I must read that book again, it’s been on the shelf being unattended for too long), that’s where the creativity comes in, is making selections and choices. What do you leave out, where do you want your focal points. There is so much information that my brain receives when I’m painting outside, that there is no other way than to be selective.