Bosveld by Johan Derycke


Bosveld by Johan Derycke

Bosveld – 2x 30cm x 40cm – Oil on Panel

Woops… already Halloween, eh? Fortunately, my lack of posting does not mean lack of painting. I’ve been really busy with a personal project, which I can’t say much about yet. It concerns a gift for one of our daughters because she has posed for me this summer. It’s more of an illustration project, but in any case, I’m really broadening my skills with this project and I think I will make someone really happy with it. More on this as soon as it’s finished.

The painting above, which I painted a few weeks ago, is actually 2 panels and the scene is crying to be painted again on a larger scale. I’ve passed this part of local woods thousands of times already, and each time I look at it and it amazes me. On this particular morning, I wanted to catch the beautiful sunrise that was hidden somewhat by the clouds. The rapeseed (?) field on the right makes for a nice counterbalance with the antenna on the left. The fields in the front plane are called “Bosveld” which basically means forest-field, as in field near the woods. Us rurals, we often think things are hard enough as they are so we tend to give everything simple names. It’s the kind of pragmatic view on life that I like.

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