Forgotten compagnion - Oil on Panel - 60cm x 40cm

Assembled – Dismantled part 1

Technoligical objects, like mobile phones, tablets, camera’s and so on, can be a perfect metaphor for our society.

They represent a certain tendency towards evolution, but are by that fact predetermined to become outdated at a certain moment in time. At their peak, they are examples of what human beings are capable of, using the newest technologies available. I like technology for that very reason. We, humans, are always interested in seeing new things. We compare them with what we have and if the new objects fit our needs better than our current possessions, we replace them. We don’t spend too much attention to our old, replaced devices anymore. We put them somewhere out of sight, or we discard them.

Perhaps we don’t realize it, but people are often treated the same way. Not just by other people, but it’s in fact the process that nature has deviced for us.

I’m working on a series of paintings with the above in mind. I’ve chosen an old camera that I had found in one of my drawers after being there for a few years. It  was my first digital camera and when I first got it, I was really happy with it. It’s about 15 years old now and out of service, as we call it. As I paint along, I will dismantle it bit by bit, and paint the parts. The parts aren’t much use by themselves, but when put together the way they are designed for, they can be of great meaning to us, like they were for me when the camera still worked.

Just like these spare parts, individuals are stronger as a group, when each of these individuals recognizes their role within the group.

Part I: Forgotten Companion

I’ve tried to depict the camera in it’s full glory, with the simplest palette (ultramarine, burnt sienna, titanium white)

Forgotten compagnion - Oil on Panel - 60cm x 40cm

Forgotten compagnion – Oil on Panel – 60cm x 40cm


Next week, I’ll show the next painting, where the start of the dismantling has begun, is being depicted.