A quick figure study

The End of a Chapter

Last night was the opening of the end year exhibition at the academy in Leuven, which lasts the whole weekend. I have 8 paintings at display as I am finishing this final year as a student. It’s been a wonderful chapter, that lasted almost 12 years, with many highlights. It feels weird saying goodbye to people you’ve worked alongside for so long, but I think it is time I continue my quest as a painter by myself. At some point, one has to step out of a student role and attempt to paint some mature work. That being said, I’m pretty sure I will be learning many many more things along the way.

I want to thank Philippe De Smedt, Luc Oeyen, Luc Huysman and Peter Van Eyck for their hospitality and for the wisdom they’ve passed on.

If you are in the neighbourhood of Leuven tomorrow and you have nothing much to do, pay us a visit at SLAC

Here’s a quick sketch that didn’t make it to the exhibition:

A quick figure study

Quick study – 20cm x 25cm – Oil on board