Art Discussions

I was searching “Richard Schmid” on youtube (thanks, teach, for the tip!)
and I found this interesting discussion about today’s technologies and
what effect this may have on our ways of working as traditional,
representational painters.

Some passages felt very recognizable as I have been dealing with the
some of the same questions for quite a while now.

To see the whole series of 7 films as a continuous playlist on youtube, go here

I’m glad to see that such panels are holding these discussions in
public, that it is überhaupt possible to have such discussions in times
where “contemporary art” is so prominently existent in our lives.
In fact I am beginning to see several signs of increased interest in
representational painting within the environment of SLAC (Academy of
Leuven). Last week, we had a very interesting lecture by critic Stefan
, who goes against the main stream of modern art and has some
strong arguments against it.

Check out his theory and some very interesting critiques on the work of
contemporary artists such as Michael Borremans, Luc Tuymans, Wim Delvoix
and Jan de Cock on his website: