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I’ve been sketching as much as I can, though I must admit not as much as I’d like to. Only missed one day since I started this sketching frenzy though. Not every sketch I made during the last 2 weeks was post-worthy, so here’s a selection…

Ik schets zo veel ik kan, maar toegegeven, niet zo veel als ik zou willen. Gelukkig heb ik echter maar 1 dag gemist sinds het begin van mijn schets-frenzy. Natuurlijk zitten er een aantal schetsen tussen die het helemaal niet waard zijn om en public getoond te worden, dus hier een selectie van de laatste 2 weken.

Schets van het nieuwe hoofdkantoor - Johan Derycke

The new office at Braine l’Alleud by Johan Derycke


This one I made on a sunny day during my lunch break at work. I’ve been doing overtime lately, causing the drawing time to decrement drastically. For the record, this doesn’t make me any happier.


Deze maakte ik tijdens mijn middagpauze op een zonnige dag. Ik heb nogal veel uurtjes in dit gebouw doorgebracht de laatste tijd. Meer dan me lief is. Hierdoor daalt mijn tekentijd, wat me niet bepaald gelukkig maakt.



Sketching at home by Johan Derycke


The bottom sketch represents my new portable watercolor set I’ve been assembling after seeing James Gurney’s latest movie called “Watercolor in the Wild“. I plan to post a more elaborate post on this kit in the near future, so stay tuned if you’re interesed.

I can tell you this already: with 567 grams (sketchbook not included), it’s pretty lightweight. It also contains everything you need to be able to sketch or paint in color (or not) outside.


De onderste schets geeft mijn nieuw compact aquarelsetje weer om buiten te schetsen. Ik stelde het samen nadat ik James Gurney’s nieuwste film genaamd “Watercolor in the Wild” zag. In de nabije toekomst zal ik dit setje wat meer in detail bespreken.

Ik kan je al vertellen dat met 567 gram (zonder schetsboek), dit setje perfect draagbaar is. Het bevat alles wat je nodig hebt om buiten in kleur (of niet) te kunnen werken, dus als je geïnteresseerd bent, kom dan binnenkort nog eens langs.


Watching Ice Age 4 by Johan Derycke

Watching Ice Age 4 by Johan Derycke


2 comments for “More sketches

  1. 1 November 2014 at 21:55

    Hi Johan,

    I love your enthusiasm and dedication to the craft of art. Very happy to see your hard work in each and every piece. I had answered you in one of your blogs awhile back. Not sure if you had seen it.

    I was teaching, but had needed some time off. Currently, I am assisting in a couple of figure drawing classes at Concept Design Academy here in Los Angeles County. It keeps my brain active with anatomy and art concepts, so it’s a great gig. Still not sure what I”ll do with all the skill, lol, but, it’s going towards something.

    Keep up the excellent art ethic. I will try to as well.

    Take care

    • 2 November 2014 at 08:09

      Hey Esmeralda,

      great to hear from you and to see that art is occupying you.
      It’s not always an easy path for the creative one, is it? I think I’m experiencing somewhat similar issues, although my skill level -particularly on the figure- isn’t even close to yours: what to do with it?
      My life has been a real rollercoaster the last couple of years. People coming and going; health issues of mine and those around me, especially my mum’s cancer reaching a tiresome but crucial phase, are leaving deep impressions on me.
      On the other hand, there are heights in seeing my children grow up that cause great ideas to pop up in my head.
      Things need to be expressed in a visual way, but I’m not really finding any satisfying results yet. I guess it’s a matter of keeping on the fire in my head but as I’m so extremely tired so often lately, it tends to barely burn from time to time. I also need a break from my daytime job and I think this may become truth within the first months of the next year. Some mental space will be welcome.

      Concept Design Academy, eh!
      Some famous names among your colleagues there, Esmeralda!
      Does being surrounded by such talents as John Park, Stephan Martiniere and Jamie Jones not drag you into the world of concept art and illustration?
      I’m completely out of that area now, but I still admire all these masters.
      I guess we’re bound to let faith show us the direction our path continues in.

      Anyway, starting to sound pretty spiritual, which is quite far from my usual pragmatic self, so I’ll stop here 🙂
      Looking forward to hear from you again, Esmeralda, and thanks for the link to your quick sketch blog. Some inspiring stuff at display there, wow!


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