Arne Reading

Arne Reading

Arne Reading

Arne Reading – oil on linen – 50cm x 70cm



There’s always about 15 to 20 people attending the life painting sessions at SLAC with Philippe De Smedt. The great thing about painting in group is the mutual exchange of information. Everyone has his or her own approach to tackle the subject and there are often interesting discussions/conversations as a result of a certain choice that someone made. It could be seen as an error by some, or as a brilliant move by others.

For this painting, I first of all decided to step away from the vertical composition as it seemed a little too obvious as I watched Arne getting as comfy as possible to read his book.
More importantly, I decided to keep the background a lot cooler than it appeared in reality with this painting, in an attempt to achieve more balanced color temperature relationships between the elements. I think it worked out well, but this approach deserves some more extended research. What do you think?

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