30_in_30_day01 by Johan Derycke

30 paintings in 30 days – day 1

Today’s to do list was quite long with the first…

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Girl in Sofa by Johan Derycke

Girl in Sofa

Is it also too hot for you? We’ve been having…

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Crooked Lantern Pole - Oil on Panel - 30cm x 40cm

Crooked Lantern Pole

Buy with PayPal Here’s one from last week I painted…

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Johan Derycke - Old Wagons

Old Wagons

Believe it or not, but I saw a crab crossing…

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Entrance to Paradise by Johan Derycke - Oil on Panel - 30cm x 40cm

Entrance to Paradise

Last friday, I worked my last day at the company…

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Dilemma by Johan Derycke - Oil on Panel - 30cm x7 20cm


Initial thought: Eat it or paint it? Click here to…

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Leveling Out by Johan Derycke

Leveling out

I’m sick and tired of seeing so much saturated colour…

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Ready for Action by Johan derycke

Ready for Action

A strong spotlight on a piece of melon, a spoon…

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Reclining Nude by Johan Derycke

Reclining Nude

Another quick post. This one is from earlier this year,…

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Resting - Oil on Linen - 50cm x 60cm - by Johan Derycke


You may not believe it, but I’m heading towards totally…

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The Eye of Youth

SLAC Exhibition

I will be at the painting atelier of Philippe De…

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Oil Paint Test

Oil Paint test: Is the additional cost of high quality oil paints justified? – Part 1

Warning: This is an elaborate post.  The content of this…

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