Frequently asked questions

What about the Newsletter?

When you subscribe to the Newsletter by submitting your name and email address using the newsletter subscription form in the site footer. A few times per year, I will send out an email with new work, updates on exhibitions or workshops, etc. Posting rythm can vary depending on my schedule. If you are no longer interested in receiving these updates, you can always unsubscribe. A link to unsubscribe is provided in the email footer.

How do you do this, being a father of 5 kids and having a daytime job and all?

People often wonder where  I find the time to paint. It’s true that having 5 kids takes up a lot of time; there is always something to do as a parent in a large family. It’s really a matter of motivation and making choices. Do I feel guilty? Yes, all the time… when I’ve painted I feel selfish and I sometimes consider myself a failed dad. To be honest, my immediate environment makes that clear to me sometimes too. When I spend my time with the family, I realize I’ve lost precious painting time. Am I a pessimist that sees only the negative side of things? No, on the contrary! From time to time it is really REALLY hard to find a balance between 2 passions and due to this it is possible that I’m not very productive at times, but in the end every day is a gift to me.

On what surface do you paint?

I paint on anything I can get my hands on. I mostly use Claessens primed linen and MDF panels (usually 6mm thickness) but sometimes I paint on hardboard or Steinbach paper. I love sketching on the back of a cereal box cardboard as well.

What’s your palette?

A painter’s palette is something dynamic. It changes over the years. Some colors are left out and others appear on it. I used to use Titanium White, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Terre Verde, Phthalo Green (Viridian Hue), Cerulean Blue, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Cad Red Deep, Cad red Light, Cad Yellow Deep, Lemon Yellow.
I was thinking of cutting this down somehow, and I did. A few years ago I kept Cad Yellow, Cad Red, Ultramarine and White, while I switch blue from time to time to Cerulean or Cobalt Blue.
I sometimes add Lemon Yellow, Phthalo Green and Alizarin, or any of above mentioned colors, when painting outside, depending on the light and the scene in front of me.
I’ve been experimenting with colors I’ve never used before recently. Colors like Violet, Napels Yellow, Kings Blue and Transparant Oxide Red give interesting results and keep me out of my comfort zone.

What paint do you use?

I use Winsor & Newton paints,  Couleurs Leroux and recently I also started using Cobra waterbased oil paints. My first impressions of the latter are very positive.

What medium do you use?

Sometimes I use Liquin, eg when I paint in a sketchbook, but mostly I only use some mineral spirits in the early stages of a painting and then I carry on with only paint. For Cobra paints, I use water instead of mineral spirits. More often than not, I will use only paint for small works.

What brushes do you use?

During my training at SLAC (Academy of Leuven) I was tought to paint with the cheapest brushes available. My teacher’s motto was “If you can paint with this, you can paint with anything”. And he is right. I support that theory. These days, though, I prefer Rosemary & Co brushes, and the Classic long flat bristles with a long handle are the ones I use the most. Since a few months though, I’m experimenting with synthetic round brushes and flats.
Check them out on the Rosemary & Co website. (no, I am not paid to put this link here, I just lover Rosemary’s brushes, they hardly lose any hairs compared to other brands.)

Can I buy your work?

Of course. Head over to my store to buy small works directly. If you can’t find the painting you want to buy there, please send me a message. To do so, please submit your message on the contact page.


I use a fixed pricing system for my paintings. This means prices will increase with the size of the paintings. Nice and easy, no?

Is your work framed?

No. I usually don’t frame my work. All work for sale is sold unframed unless otherwise stated.


Please allow 3 weeks for your artwork to be shipped. This is to make sure the painting is actually dry and varnished before shipping. I will normally always varnish sold paintings with a retouching varnish (W&N).