About Johan Derycke

Hi there! I’m a painter living in Flanders, Belgium. I live in a small village near Leuven with my wife and 5 children. I’d better mention our cat Tigger as well or I will be confronted with my daughter’s evil look.

We have a peaceful life here and this makes me look for excitement and inspiration in my close environment. The result is what could be called contemporary representative painting – or at least that is what I try to create. Even though I am immensely enjoying the works of those great painters that came before us, I believe a painter should not paint exaclty like the old masters did hundreds of years ago. I live today and I will try to paint today’s life. Why? Because painting is all about life.

The world is a hectic place and with all the bad news just repeating itself on a daily basis, it’s easy to overlook the beauty that is all around us. I feel obliged to show everyone that there is beauty to be found around the corner. I’m convinced that if we’d all take more time to enjoy the littlest things in life, the biggest issues would be resolved more easily.

Don’t look for a resume. I don’t think that a list of when and where I’ve displayed my work adds to its quality. Instead, I’m hoping my work speaks to you and you feel a connection. If I can make you pause and wonder for a while, I succeeded in my efforts.